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TITAN Mixer Bottle

TITAN Mixer Bottle holds up to 20 oz of water. Mix your protein and supplements more efficiently than ever with the patented Helix-Blade Technology, just give the handle a few easy pumps for delicious clump free drinks. Conveniently pour your supplements mess-free with the TITAN Funnel Cup storage compartment which holds up to 8 oz (237ml).

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Product Details

TITAN Mixer Bottle: THE WORLDS BEST MIXER! Creators of Helix Blade Technology, TITAN Mixer Bottle are the global leaders in the design and manufacture of premium protein mixers. Designed in the USA, TITAN mixers represent the cutting edge of mixing devices.

Top rack Dishwasher Safe
Made with TRITAN® copolyester

SUPER SMOOTH SHAKES AT THE FLICK OF A WRIST. The TITAN Mixer is the world’s most powerful non-battery operated mixer. Just give the handle a few easy pumps to effortlessly blend even the most stubborn of ingredients. No shaking, no clumps, no mess!

The TITAN Mixer Bottle features an athlete-tested ergonomic design with scientifically engineered Helix Blade technology - preserving micro-nutrients for improved protein performance.
SUPERIOR QUALITY, IMPACT & ODOR-RESISTANT MATERIALS. Utilizing industry-leading food-grade materials, TITAN Mixer Bottles are both impact and odor-resistant whilst being BPA and DEHP-free. Super easy to clean – simply add water and a drop of detergent and give the handle a few pumps.
Industry-leading customer service on hand for your peace of mind.

Product Selling Benefits

TITAN Mixer Bottle is great for mixing your favorite supplements and kitchen recipes like eggs, pancakes batter, sauces, & salad dressings.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Utility patent issued
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$24.99 To $29.99
Wholesale Price:$6.99 To $9.99
Estimated Cost/Unit:$3.00 To $4.00
Minimum Order/Units:40
Prior Sales Activity:where we sell:
our eCommerce website: 10,000+ units sold
Wholesale ie: Suplementos(Mexico), Touch of Modern: 12,000 units sold
Amazon: 1000+ units sold
Local supplement shops. 500+ units sold

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