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StickiPiggi’s Infant Shoe Adhesives

Pig shaped, Double sided High Bonding Foam adhesives.

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Product Details

Pig shaped, Double sided High Bonding Foam adhesives that bond infant shoes to socks to prevent kick off and lost shoes.

Product Selling Benefits

New parents in general struggle with losing their babies’ shoes, because the little ones just can’t resist kicking them off at the worst times, Holiday gatherings, in stores, at the market, and sometimes parents don’t even put shoes on their babies because of this issue!
StickiPiggi’s solve the solution and actually assist in keeping footwear on infants so parents feel more secure dressing up their child. It’s a solution that people want and no one has provided.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Patent[s] are pending
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$3.99 To $5.99
Wholesale Price:$1.75 To $2.50
Estimated Cost/Unit:N/A
Minimum Order/Units:5000
Prior Sales Activity:No sales. Pre-sales begin August 13th.

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