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WOO Perfume Diffuser

WOO brings to market responsibly-manufactured, high-quality, lifestyle goods handcrafted from upcycled, natural and sustainable materials. We know that you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality, aesthetic, your fellow human beings or our planet in order to create something epic.

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Product Details


Envelop your space in sophisticated, subtle and sumptuous scent. Presented in a fine, handcrafted vessel made of authentic Asian bamboo and upcycled bottles, our diffusers also add a touch of WOO elegance to any room.


Pour the perfume diffuser liquid into the upcycled glass base.

Top with the Asian bamboo open lid.

Place the provided fiber reeds through the opening at the top of the Asian bamboo open lid, making sure that the reeds touch the bottom of the glass base.

For stronger fragrance, flip the fiber reeds.

Refill the perfume diffuser liquid when the fragrance or the liquid fades.

The WOO Perfume Diffuser was invented by the founder of Worlds of Opportunities and brought to life by a team of international designers, glass artisans and bamboo craftsmen from authentic and sustainable materials. By purchasing WOO, you are enabling and empowering our hardworking suppliers and all the talented makers behind our product.

Product Selling Benefits

Sustainable Materials

Upcycled bottles

Asian bamboo

Luxury Ingredients: Exclusive fragrance by a leading European perfume house


Glass worker

Bamboo worker

Engages people in marginalized communities

Innovative design: sustainable yet luxurious

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Copyright/Trademark
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$59.00 To $89.00
Wholesale Price:$40.00 To $50.00
Estimated Cost/Unit:$20.00 To $25.00
Minimum Order/Units:N/A
Prior Sales Activity:Our Perfume Diffusers are currently on the market via our webshop and concept store.

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