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CitroShield® - Certified Natural & Organic Oven Cleaner (Ready To Use) 

CitroShield® - Certified Natural & Organic Oven Cleaner (Ready To Use) is a heavy duty natural oven cleaner that does not contain any toxic ingredients. It can be used for all surface cleaning and degreasing of ovens and stoves in the home or industrial environments. It will remove all types of proteinaceous soils, fat encrusted soils, lime scale soils, fats, carbons, oils and grease.

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Product Details

CitroShield® - Certified Natural & Organic Oven Cleaner (Ready To Use).
Ingredients: Demineralised water, non-ionic surfactant, sodium carbonate, citric acid, white vinegar, bitter orange extract (bioflavonoid complex).
It has been certified as 100% Natural by Natural Verifiers, USA and Organic by the BFA and Australian Organic here in Australia. These certifications are evidence of the fact that this product does not contain any harmful chemicals or petrochemicals and is therefore, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic and totally safe.
For use on ovens, Chimneys, Stoves, Exhaust Canopies and barbeques.
-Natural & Organic
-Child safe/Pet safe
-Not tested on animals
-No petrochemicals
-Proven cleaning power
-Kills 99.99% germs
-99.99% biodegradable
-Easy to Use
-Stubborn stain remover
-Phosphate free
-Totally non-toxic
-No harmful chemicals
-Environmentally friendly
-Gentle on hands
-Leaves no soapy residue

Product Selling Benefits

Certified Natural & Organic, Totally Safe, Non - toxic, Non - carcinogenic, Non - mutagenic, Non - teratogenic, Non - sensitizing & Easy to Use.

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Copyright/Trademark
Inventory in Stock:In stock and available for sale
Number of Units in Stock:1000+
Suggested Retail Price:$7.95 To $9.95
Wholesale Price:$4.95 To $5.95
Estimated Cost/Unit:$4.00
Minimum Order/Units:750
Prior Sales Activity:Prior sales activity include Woolworth's, IGA, Foodland, Foodworks and the commercial food processing sector including food factories, vineyards, fruit & vegetable farms, meat processors, egg farms, seafood processors & poultry farms & processors.

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