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ONE SLICE watermelon slicer

ONE SLICE slices, de-rinds and stores all in one. Cut off just what you need and put the slicer and watermelon back in the fridge.

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Product Details

My family loves watermelon, but it is always a hassle to slice. And then, how to store and keep it fresh after it's been sliced. We found ourselves not buying watermelon because of this and there were no good alternative slicers that solved these issues. So, we set out to design a great watermelon slicer. We tried many different approaches and designs. And after many long nights, weekends and headaches, we came up with the ONE SLICE watermelon slicer. Then... we noticed something, it wasn't just a slicer, it had many other advantages. ONE SLICE had evolved into a multitasking ninja slicer. It sliced, de-rind, stored and sealed the watermelon all in one! And the coolest feature? The watermelon takes up less room in your refrigerator because it is stored upright with the slicer attached for the next convenient use. We feel ONE SLICE will change the way people eat and store watermelon.

Product Selling Benefits

Cut off just what you need one slice at a time
Watermelon stays fresh for days with the slicer attached in the refrigerator
Stores and seals unused watermelon upright in your refrigerator
Cuts off rhine at the same time with de-rinding knives

Products Specs

Seller Objective:Open to discussing any type of sales arrangement
Patent / IP Status:Patent[s] are pending
Inventory in Stock:Inventory has never been ordered
Number of Units in Stock:None
Suggested Retail Price:$29.95
Wholesale Price:$16.85
Estimated Cost/Unit:$6.90
Minimum Order/Units:1000
Prior Sales Activity:Product is new to the market and never been sold

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