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Product Description

Improved acceleration in the first 3-5 strides allowing to get to top speed quicker.

The improved glide and reduced vibration increases the maneuverability of skaters allowing them to glide more efficiently, turn with more confidence, have more precise stops, and maintain the sensation of “fresh ice” late into each period.

Perform at close to maximum intensity throughout the entire shift and recover more rapidly in between shifts and after each game.

The most recognized skating benefits from NHL players are related to improved edge-feel. The reduced vibration resulting from the electronic and mechanical design of our blades allows players to better sense the connection between the blade edge and the ice surface. This facilitates quicker starts, tighter turns, and more precise stops. In short, skating is improved.
Thermablades may reduce player injury. Our physiological testing confirms players may experience reduced fatigue. There are numerous sports-medicine reports that link fatigue to injury.

Transition to a flatter blade hollow. Many trainers believe that groin, hip, knee, and ankle injuries are related to aggressive blade hollows and players cutting deep into the ice

The combination of flatter hollows and more precise stops and turns may result in improved overall ice quality and maintaining a Normal skating does not impact the ice surface; the trauma comes when players dig ruts into the ice during aggressive turns.

Even non-heated, Thermablade’s exclusive overmold design provides superior stability and reduced vibration compared to other traditional blades. This feature has been highly favored by all levels of play.

When players fatigue towards the end of each shift, their muscles are less able to absorb energy before reaching the degree of stretch that causes injuries

A player is just as likely to suffer a groin, hip, high ankle or other related injuries in a practice as in a game

Injuries may also be reduced if players moved to flatter hollows, keeping them higher on the ice

Thermablades increase the layer of water between the skate and the ice surface. Because of this, a smoother surface with a decrease in friction and vibration is achieved. So each stride feels like fresh ice.

Normally, vibration from a skate stride causes leg numbness that impacts proprioception. With Thermablade reducing vibration and its numbing effects, the skater becomes much more sensitive to the edge-feel of his skates with significant benefit to agility.

Tests were designed to simulate the mass and weight distribution of a typical hockey player. The results confirmed that Thermablades reduced starting resistance by 65% to 75%. During gliding, resistance is reduced by 50 – 55%.

Further testing confirmed that Thermablade technology allows players to get a quicker start and skate faster while using less energy.

Testers have been excited about the quick starts and crisp stops – but the most immediate change they notice has been on their turns. Quicker change in direction and tighter radius on their turns with better speed retention provide an immediate boost to hockey players.

Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames – “Thought the edging was noticeably better.”
Craig Conroy, Calgary Flames - “You don’t need as deep a hollow so you glide better.”
Marty Reasoner, Atlanta Thrashers – “Technology makes sense – only for the good of the game”
Mike Modano, Dallas Stars – “Much better [performance and confidence while skating] after about two weeks. Just look at the sticks, the game is changing fo the good.
Simon Gagne, Philadelphia Flyers – benefits even more noticeable when going back to Tuuk.
Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils – Quickly after trial called Jay Pandolfo and other teammates.
Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks – frustrated by NHL process
David Legwand, Nashville Predators – “It’s easier to skate with Thermablades.”
Martin Erat, Nashville Predators – “I feel more confident with the

Key Selling Benefits

The product is proven
Strong patent position
World Wide Market
Solid product pipeline
Development lead time vs. competition
4.9 millions competitive hockey players in the world
Estimated possible market share of 30-40%
Booming Russian market
over 3.5 million dollars in assets

Product Details

Seller Objective: Looking to license Intellectual Property / Patent rights

Patent / IP Status: Utility patent issued

Inventory in Stock: In stock and available for sale

Number of Units in Stock: 1000+

Suggested Retail Price: N/A

Wholesale Price: N/A

Estimated Cost/Unit: N/A

Minimum Order/Units: 1000

Prior Sales Activity: Direct Marketing Campaign to Web site